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ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

And Not the Word of a Poet: Unraveling the Quranic Assertion of Transcendental Authorship

Dr. Nasir Mehmood, Mr. Abud ul Rehman, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Mr.Saqib Sheraz
Qur’an, divine authorship, unmatched linguistic structure, thematic coherence ,


This study explores the Quranic declaration that its discourse is not of human, particularly poetic, origin, but is a divine revelation unmatched by any creation. Based on Islamic belief, this proclamation highlights the Quran's unique status among texts, both religious and literary. Through a scrupulous comparative analysis, this research attempts to describe the distinctive features of the Quran that excels traditional Arabic poetic forms, thereby emphasizing its claim of divine authorship. The analysis consists of uncovering the uniqueness of Quran in terms of its language, style, and matchless use of imagery, similes, metaphors and symbolism. Moreover, it also includes the opinions of a few popular Arab and other experts regarding the language of Quran. This approach facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the Quran's unmatched linguistic structure, its innovative use of Arabic language, and the thematic gravity that sets it apart from the poetic conventions of its time. The findings reveal that the Quran's linguistic complexity, thematic coherence, and its function as a source of guidance clearly contrast with the aesthetic and often transient concerns of poetry. By reiterating the Quran's assertion of transcendental authorship, this research underlines the significance of approaching the Quran not just as a text, but as a phenomenon that challenges the boundaries between divine and human expression.