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ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

Protection of human life and its social survival in the light of Islamic teachings (An Analytical study)

Dr. Hafiz. M. Mudassar Shafique, Muhammad Tahir, Samra Sarwar, Dr. RizwanYounas, Dr. Mufti. Hafiz Ali Nawaz, Dr. M. Nawaz
Protection, human life,Islamic teachings,social survival ,


Man is a great creation of Allah Almighty and the most important and valuable thing in the society is the human being because the society comes into existence only for human welfare and interest.All the religions of the world are convinced of the respect and sanctity of human beings. By declaring the human being as Ashraf al-Mukhaluqat, he not only blessed with the position of the supreme caliph on earthbut made him the central point of all creations.The sanctity of human life is such a moral value from which all other moral values gain strength. Therefore, in a society where the sanctity of human life is not valued, the other moral values cannot attain maturity because the basic moral values are the relationships between individuals or classes and itdetermines matters in a society.Therefore, the weakness of these values leads to the failure of the entire social structure and the society takes the form of a disorganized group where the affairs between different classes are determined on the basis of moral or social values and distribution of power instead of law.Moral values such as human dignity, freedom of expression, mutual relationships and respect for the property rights of others are also the best examples of basic moral values such as the sanctity of human life but the difference between them is that, in the first place, moral values make a social unit civilized and plays a fundamental role in its development while the second value is the basis of any social unit. That is, no social unit can exist without recognizing it.In the present age, highlighting the sanctity of human life has become very important becausethere are threats to human life in different parts of the world.Therefore, in view of the importance of human life, the article will try to discuss the issues related to the sanctity of human life. How an atmosphere of peace and harmony can be established by following Islamic teachings in the present era?