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ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

Practices of Muslim Leaders for Interfaith dialogue and Peace building and Muhammad Fethullah Gülen’s Contribution

Dr. Asma Aziz, Dr. Noreen Naz, Ms.Kashaf udduja, Ms.Fizza Rani, Ms.Zaib un Nisa, Ms. Haiqa, Ms. Sara Shafiq, Hafiza Iqra
Interfaith dialogue, contemporary world, Peacebuilding, Muslim Leaders,Conflict-Resolution, Islamic Tradition. ,


The world is the origin of numerous beliefs and has obliged and supported various religions. It has given a typical rooftop to significant religions for their food and development. The complex mosaic of different religions, convictions, customs, and dialects in numerous nations is, for sure, astonishing. Interfaith exchange has surfaced as a token of harmony, turning into a voice for serene relations among the followers of various religions in a world entangled in wars, clashes, and strict narrow-mindedness. It centres around the exchange of devotees of various religions, particularly on an academic level, to distinguish the shared traits of different religions and continue towards the normal point of mutual concordance. This paper expects to analyse the significance of interfaith exchange in contemporary times and give the reasoning to seek after this discourse by clarifying articulations from the Heavenly Qur'an and the Hadith. Besides, it analyses the reasoning between confidence discourses present in different religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. The exchange faces different difficulties that should be managed through a thorough methodology. Because of this discourse, questions and wrong discernments will be eliminated, and compassion between strict networks will be upgraded. The between-confidence discourse won't just open channels of correspondence between the groups that can't connect typically, but in addition, it will go up against the real factors of disdain, segregation, and viciousness in our general public. The target of this paper is to look at the job of the Muslim strict forerunner in executing interfaith exchange towards compromise according to an Islamic viewpoint. Fethullah Gülen is perhaps one of the most persuasive Muslim researchers on the planet. His way of thinking about joining Islam and innovation, along with strict resilience, has drawn in a huge number of devotees who have laid out many instructive and social organisations from one side of the planet to the other. Impacted by Sufi experts and contemporary Turkish Muslim researcher Said Nursi, Gülen places otherworldliness at the focal point of everything. While he is a conspicuous promoter of interreligious discourse and a respected strict pioneer, he has been blamed by certain secularists for being a fundamentalist with a secret plan to apply sharia regulation to Turkey and by strict fundamentalists for compromising religion. Gülen rejects these cases, highlighting his past and current exercises.