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ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

A Research Review on the Need of Islamic Education in Modern World

Atta Ur Rahman , Dr. Muhammad Zakariya
Importance, Islamic Education, Development of a nation, prosperity, Modern world ,


        The main aim of this research manuscript is to explore the importance and need of Islamic education leading to progress in all fields of life. Every nation must whole heartedly focus and invest on education if that nation aspires to develop by leaps and bounds. This can be done if education particularly Islamic education is prioritized by the state having the commitment to awarding state patronage to it. In modern world, importance and need of Islamic education in the light of Quran and Hadith cannot be denied. Education is prioritized by various developed countries in the present world like USA, China, Russia, Finland, Singapore, England, France and Germany etc. Consequently, these countries have surpassed other counties economically and politically, progressed in the field of technology tremendously and are the most progressive and prosperous countries of the world. So, the way to social, economic and political advancement in all walks of life is paved by the investment and development in education particularly. In this country of the pure, the nation needs urgent attention to invest in education if it wants to progress by leaps and bounds. Continuous Priority needs to be awarded to education by the government especially.