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ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

ISSN:2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596

Perspective of a green city Through the restructuring of the urban space Case of the city of Algiers

MEFTAH saida , ATTALAH Nadhira
Restructuration, Algiers, sustainable city, public green space, urbanization. ,


The elements of the city die and regenerate often in other forms. This mutation, to be mastered, requires the implementation of mechanisms of support of the urban fabric presenting a State of dilapidation or dysfunction having an adverse impact in terms of functionality, the security of individuals and the urban economy.

The city of Algiers had a very important urban development, but the development of green spaces has not kept pace. At the time of the sustainable city, deal with nature in the city is a must and goes through a better management of parks and gardens that make up the urban public space.

The situation in Algiers is alarming: greenery spaces are sometimes transformed into dumps rubble, debris. There is a lack of consideration of the nature and urban ecology in the city.

We consider public green spaces built, green space, managed by the service of the green spaces of a common and open to the public.

Our goal is to try to reconcile the capital with nature and to allow the citizens to benefit from a better living environment in the context of a sustainable city.

 The issue will be applied to the commune of Algiers Center methodologically we will have a questionnaire designed for users and managers including City Hall.